Buying a property is one of life’s biggest investments and as such, comes with risks, one of which is ensuring you fully understand the legal property boundaries and how they relate to the physical occupation on the land.

As part of your due diligence it is particularly important to ensure the legal boundaries and other features of the site are outlined to provide a clear picture of where your property lines begin and end.

A pre-purchase land survey identifies exactly where your property boundaries are located using accurate historical information from previous surveys and the expertise of a Licensed Surveyor.

What Information is supplied in a Pre-Purchase Land Survey?

Every property is different and as such, we will establish a specific survey scope to satisfy your particular requirements.

Pre-purchase land surveys generally include the following:

  • Site identification of approved boundary locations

  • The location of buildings on the land and any fences present

  • The existence of easements and/or covenants

  • Any restrictions on land use

If you are looking to purchase a property, we highly recommend ensuring you fully understand the boundaries and how they relate to the site.

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